2014 Holiday Party


At our annual Holiday party on Monday, December 8, we'll celebrate a successful year of electing pro-choice women to office and our transition to becoming the East Bay Women's Political Caucus! The party is from 6 - 8 PM at Imagine Affairs Art Lounge, 408 14th Street, Oakland. We have an amazing list of sponsors for the event and hope to see everyone there!


Sharon Ball * Julina Bonilla * Hon. Joan Buchanan * Hon. Annie Campbell-Washington * Hon. Laurie Capitelli * Hon. Wilma Chan * Hon. Lori Droste * Elizabeth Echols * Hon. Ann-Marie Hogan * Hon. Teddy King * Hon. Nancy O'Malley * Rochelle Owens * Anna Rabkin * Rena Rickles * Brenda Roberts * Hon. Libby Schaaf * Hon. Nancy Skinner * Melanie Sweeney-Griffith * Hon. Lena Tam * Catherine Trimbur * Jennifer Webber * Karen Weinstein

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