A Message From EBWPC Chair Frieda K. Edgette

Last weekend, we took pivotal steps to elevating the East Bay Women's Political Caucus (EBWPC) to new heights. We ratified bylaws for our 501(c)(4) organization and Political Action Committee (PAC). We elected new leadership for the 2015-2017 term.


Congratulations and welcome to our 2015-2017 Board and PAC Officers:


Chair: Frieda K. Edgette
Treasurer: Amy Shrago
Secretary: Amelia Lopez
Communications Chair: Maria Henderson
Legislation Chair: Jamila English
Membership and Programs Chairs: Winnie Anderson and Annie Flores
Fundraising Chair: Sbeydeh Viveros-Walton
Alameda County Regional Directors: Dr. Jennifer Ong and Anu Natarajan
Contra Costa County Regional Directors: Vote will be in October in Contra Costa. 
At-Large: Shereda Nosakhare, Jennifer Root, Ces Rosales, Susan Rosenthal, Rose Sutton


Chair: Jennifer Root
Vice Chair: Susan Rosenthal
Treasurer: Amy Shrago
Secretary: Amelia Lopez
Political Director: Ces Rosales
Communications Chair: Maria Henderson
Fundraising Chair: Sbeydey Viveros-Walton
Alameda County Directors: Dr. Jennifer Ong and Anu Natarajan
At-Large: Winnie Anderson, Annie Flores, Frieda K. Edgette, Jamila English, Shereda Nosakhare, Rose Sutton

Please join me in thanking our outgoing board members Kerry Birnbach, Julie Waters and Jennifer Webber. Each contributed significant time, expertise and strategic acumen in shaping EBWPC's legislative and communications critical paths. We thank you for your dedicated service. 

Looking Forward

This past week, America watched the Bay Area. We celebrated the Warrior's victory. We welcomed President Barack Obama and former Secretary of State and Presidential Candidate Hillary Clinton. America's mayors convened at the National Conference of Mayors to discuss the complex social challenges of education, health, governance, housing, energy and tech. We anticipated the U.S. Supreme Court decision on same sex marriage. At the same time, we mourned the extreme tragedy in Charleston and the intolerance it represents.  

This weekend is an indication of the year ahead: celebration, elections, advocacy, adversity and focused solutions through unity. The exuberance and the tragedy accent the need for our ongoing work, our ongoing commitment and our ongoing leadership for equality for all - with women's political leadership as a core avenue. In 2014-2015, we lead the nation on issues of economies (minimum wage), health (soda tax), violence against women (human trafficking) and restorative justice dialogues (education). Let's continue to lead the way.

We move forward: together. 

With gratitude. In service.

Frieda K. Edgette
Chair, East Bay Women's Political Caucus